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Success Stories

All around the world, readers of all generations are experiencing the "Sacred Space" we create through human and horse connection. Enjoy these stories shared through Sacred Space/ Scared Wisdom's Facebook group. 


Post-Clinic Calm

"Twister is a horse that I have never been able to get a relaxing ride on. She has high anxiety and is always worried about where the other horses are, so she moves out quickly and always wants to go fast."

"She had some release before I put the bridle on. She was so calm and released when I got on; she even had the slow meandering walk." - Tina F. 

Sacred Moment

"Yesterday, I had an absolutely amazing experience on horseback. Rocky and I went for a trail ride, and as I've mentioned before, Rocky is more energetic on trail rides than in the arena. He offered me a dance that still gives me chills on my back. Collected on a loose rein, he danced around the trees. Everything was there, mental imagery, energetic bubble, and energetic pre-cues. No one was there filming it, but maybe just as well, because it was a Sacred moment. Never doubt that you found the key, Susan. An ordinary rider from Norway and his horse is living proof of that."  -Thorbjørn H.,

Calling Connection

"Today, before the ride, I spent the morning imagining how great our day on the tails would be and how brave Nadir would be. Then while riding I worked on deep breathing and 'calling him' when I felt him starting to question the 'horse eating log or moving palmetto fern' and he would answer my call and bravely move forward. So responsive and happy. We had a fabulous 10 miles moving at a nice solid trot the majority of the ride. I finished riding five hours ago and I'm still smiling! Thank you for your mentorship to so many of us!" - Kim F.

Picturing Generations

"I have read the Sacred Spaces book and started it again. We adopted this mare and a gelding back in April. My daughter (4) loves to trot. She has wanted her horse to trot for so long. Her horse just wouldn't do it. She wants to make sure she goes super slow with her girl on her back. I told my daughter to picture in her mind her horse trotting and her staying relaxed - She did it!!! My daughter was so cute, 'Mom, I pictured in my mind, and she did it!' It was so great." - Channing T.


Communication Success

Written by Linda D. to Dr. Susie Fay prior to private session: 

Hi, Dr. Susie,

I got Pine's vet appt completed. I also wanted to send you some pics and a video of the topics I would like to explore with you. My guy "picks" at me a lot. Bumping me with his teeth, nips. It's all communication for sure. But the one thing is he will come at me with an open mouth to my face and also goes straight for the heart. Yesterday he got me. I would love some suggestions on how to protect myself. I know you put an arm up-but when it's a wide-open mouth coming straight on, I am not sure what my move should be. 


Hi Dr. Susan. Here is my update. After our meeting, I went to the barn, doing the breathing you taught me and body scanning of myself. I went to his gate, where he normally lashed out at me and stood just breathing, making sure I had no anxiety. This was his response.


I’d say he was pretty relieved I had fixed my energy! I am very mindful now of myself when I am with him. He has not lashed out at me since. He still picks at me, but I am starting to feel like he is just telling me to scratch him cuz he is itchy.

"I often hear horse owners or trainers tell stories of their 'once in a lifetime horse.' Now you know that every horse has the potential to be a once-a-lifetime horse. What we should strive to be is our horse's once-in-a-lifetime human. 

Horses gift us with their power, beauty, grace, and wisdom. Becoming better humans can be our gift to them."
- Dr. Susan Fay, Sacred Spaces - Communion with the Horse Through Science and Spirit


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