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Sacred Spaces

Communion with the Horse Through Science and Spirit

Sacred Spaces: Communion with the Horse Through Science and Spirit

Through real-life stories and simple exercises, Dr. Fay guides readers to a greater awareness of their untapped abilities. She teaches us to use our innate gifts to create a sacred space where communion with the horse occurs naturally and spontaneously.

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"I often hear horse owners or trainers tell stories of their 'once in a lifetime horse.' Now you know that every horse has the potential to be a once-a-lifetime horse. What we should strive to be is our horse's once-in-a-lifetime human. 

Horses gift us with their power, beauty, grace, and wisdom. Becoming better humans can be our gift to them."
- Dr. Susan Fay, Sacred Spaces - Communion with the Horse Through Science and Spirit



Gain insights into how you can develop your gift with horses.

Learn how you are unconsciously “talking” to your horse through your mind and body. 
Recognize how easy it is to turn these unconscious conversations into ones that are meaningful to your horse. 
A complete guide to using the energy field, along with the power of your own mind and body to influence your horse in a gentle and quiet, yet highly effective way that results in never viewing traditional horse-training methods in the same way.

The Sacred Spaces Principles in Action

The Sacred Spaces principles are about becoming someone who lives each moment with purpose, love, and awareness. As you incorporate more of the principles Dr. Susie teaches into your everyday life, you will notice that all of the relationships in your life improve, whether they are human or animal. 

Dr. Susie will help you on your journey to communion with your horse, but she can also help guide you through human relationship challenges as well. She can show you how to take what your horse has taught you and apply it to your business, personal, and family interactions. 

Sacred Spaces is not just for equestrians, but horses are the most perfect and divine teachers. We are often motivated to make changes in ourselves for the sake of our horse. They reflect back to us our good qualities, but also let us know what we still need to improve on. When we get ourselves right, they reward us in ways that are truly magical and Sacred.

The Sacred Spaces Principles to Horse and Human Relationships


Groundwork | Liberty | Riding

Scared Spaces training and riding principles and techniques are energy and relationship-based. The intention is to achieve lightness, cooperation, and mutual respect between the horse and human. When you learn to reward your horse energetically, there is no need for treats to achieve a desired behavioral response.

Dr. Susie teaches communion with horses. This is a deep type of connection that is based on mutual trust and respect. It can only be achieved when there is heart, mind, and soul level communication between the horse and rider. 

Dr. Susie never uses force or coercive training methods to achieve results. Dominance-based techniques, clicker training, and positive reinforcement with treats do not align with the Sacred Space principles, and can actually cause confusion or nervousness in your horse. If that is the preferred method to achieve results with your horse, Sacred Spaces horse training principles are not for you. However, you can apply all the human-based principles and still achieve good results.


Trauma | Emotional Release for Horses

Dr. Susie developed her own Trauma and Emotional Trigger Point Release process. She incorporated her knowledge of neuroscience and trauma research into developing this amazing and simple process to help your horse release tension in their body and neutralize emotional and physical/behavioral reactions to various stimuli. 

A horse's exposure to traumatic events and harsh training methods can result in something very similar to PTSD in humans. A horse's trauma can present training/riding challenges and interfere with the ability of the horse to connect with you, other people, and even other horses. 

The Trauma/Emotional Trigger Point Release process is completely hands-off and is done from a minimum distance of several feet. Because it is energy-based, it can be done in-person or remotely. 


Human Relationships | Interactions

All of the same Sacred Spaces principles can be applied to your human interactions too! Dr. Susie has a Ph.D. in Psychology, as well as certifications in hypnosis, mental training, and several energy healing modalities. She has numerous techniques to help you explore and resolve your human relationship challenges. 


Mental Imagery

Dr. Susie is an expert in imagery/visualization and can help you hone your skills in this often overlooked, but extremely powerful mental technique. She can show you the variety of ways that this useful skill can change your life by increasing your focus, memory, and concentration. When you take this skill to the barn, you will soon see your groundwork and riding outcomes improve as well. 

When asked by Warwick Schiller in his Journey On PodcastDr. Susie stated that of all the skills needed to train and interact with horses, the ability to visualize, or mind engineer, was on the top of the list. Backed by decades of research and thousands of scientific articles, learning how to visualize effectively is a skill worth acquiring. 


Finding the Sacred Space

The Sacred Space is not a location, it is a state of mind and body. It's being present and grounded minus any need, outcome, or thinking attached to it. It's similar to what people describe as being in The Flow, or in The Zone. When you're in the Sacred Space, you also experience a profound sense of peace, gratitude, and serenity. Horses do magical things in the energy of the Sacred Space. 

You don't have to be meditating or perfectly still to experience the Sacred Space, but you will probably need to start there. In reading the book, you will find a scientific explanation for this experience, but it also has a spiritual component to it. Dr. Susie can help guide you there. 

Teaching your brain and body to create a Sacred Space takes time and effort. Force, try, and effort are not effective means of reaching this place. Giving up the need for control, going with the flow, and feeling a sense of gratitude will lead you there. You'll know you found it when you're at a loss for words to describe the feeling. 


This exceptional book was recommended to me by so many within a week, I knew I had to make it a priority. It is a book worth starting every morning with, a ritual to remember and learn anew because every day is a new opportunity to absorb and apply more.


It's one thing to say it/write it, and another thing to teach you how to do it. This book will do that. This book gives clear, easy-to-understand actual practices and examples. For ANYONE who wants a more real and meaningful connection with their horse, this book will help you get there. And, in the process give you a more real and meaningful connection to yourself...What could be better?

This book will change your life. The research on the mind and how it affects what you do and the energy you put out would change anyone...the horse lover or non. This would be a must-read for anyone but especially if you enjoy working with horses. 

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